My Conservation Work

How can we ensure the vitality and vibrancy of the ecosystems around us? How can we generate, organize, or synthesize knowledge to make better decisions and lead to success in conservation initiatives? These are the questions that guide my work.

With a M.S. in Widlife and Fisheries and a Ph.D. in Ecology, I offer experience in study design, data collection, data management, statistical analysis, and writing for professional and public audiences. I have worked in a variety in ecosystems and am interested in applied research needs.

Below you will find current projects, past projects, and a list of scientific publications resulting from my work.

The logo of the Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. In the logo are images of fish, deer hoof-prints, and a turkey feather.

Current Project: Midwest Regional Species List of Greatest Conservation Need

The purpose is of this project is to identify regionally important species across vertebrate and invertebrate taxonomic groups, their habitats, and the threats. The final product will be a database that identifies species of greatest conservation need based off analysis and input from state level taxonomic efforts. On this project I consult with Karen Terwilliger and Elizabeth Crisfield 


Past Projects:

Physiological and Demographic Drivers 

of Salamander Responses to Climate Change

Physiological and Demographic Drivers of Salamander Responses to Climate Change

Responses of Mourning Doves to Human-Dominated Landscapes

Mourning Dove being held

Quantitative methods for population and community ecology

Improving the efficacy of wildlife survey techniques

Improving the Efficacy of Wildlife Survey Techniques


Please follow one of the links for access to the full text: Google Scholar | ResearchGate . *Undergraduate research protegé.

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