Jobs and Career

Standing with my co-worker Jim Sparks (left) and our boss and friend Ray Dueser (center) next to a large Sassafras tree on Fisherman's Island.

Standing with my co-worker Jim Sparks (left) and Ray Dueser (center) next to a large Sassafras tree on Fisherman’s Island, Virginia.

There are three aspects that I find important in work: problem solving, community, and personal growth. First, I like applying leadership skills and scientific rigor to find solutions to problems and questions. Second, I believe that community, and the human connections wherein, are essential to successful science and conservation. Third, I always strive to develop both personally and professionally.

In my career I hope to find challenges that urge me to grow, opportunities to engage with people and communities, and important problems in need of solutions.

I have pursued a variety of experiences to improve the breadth and depth of my skill-set. Below you can find some of the skills I’ve gathered from my past employment experiences. For more details on specific jobs I’ve held, please visit my job experiences at Penn State and SPARCnet or my seasonal technician positions.

Technical and Personal Skills

Field SkillsComputer/LabPersonal
Wildlife Surveys: Aquatic and terrestrial herpetofaunal techniques, live trapping of small- and medium-sized mammals, non-invasive surveying of large mammals, live trapping and non-invasive avian techniques.

Wildlife Procedures:
Radio telemetry; Mark-recapture techniques: PIT tagging, bird banding; visual implant elastomer, ear tagging; Morphometric measurements
Statistical: SPSS, SAS, R, PRESENCE, MARK, Geospatial Modeling Environment, ArcGIS

Data Management/Workflow: R Markdown, GitHub, R, ArcGIS, Access, Excel
Leadership: Project management, consensus building, conflict resolution, meeting facilitation, strategic planning, collaborator coordination
Vegetation: Inventory and monitoring of herbaceous and woody species; Terrestrial and aquatic invasive plant control/removalPhysiology: Respirometry, stress hormonesCommunication: Scientific and broader audiences, diverse audiences, international audiences, popular and technical writing, interpersonal and public speaking, social media
Habitat Measurements: Soil trait measurements, water quality measurements, topography and landscape interpretation; wetland monitoring and measurementMiscellaneous: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, AnaLook, Website management, Linux

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