Abandoned coast guard station on Hog Island.

Recent Updates

  • February 2020, Successfully defended dissertation “Understanding range-wide responses of wildlife to global change”
  • February 2020, Invited seminar at Susquehanna University
  • January 2020, PARC Increasing Participation Awards selected for SEPARC annual meeting
  • January 2020, Joined American Ornithological Society
  • January 2020, Began teaching my course WFS497 Urban Wildlife Conservation and Management 
  • September 2019, Research presented at annual Wildlife Society Meeting, Reno, Nevada: “Thermal Ecology, Individual Growth, and the Implications of Climate Change across Populations of a Widespread Salamander”
  • August 2019, received $1050 in travel grants
  • July 2019, Received NEPARC Best Student Poster Award