Collaborative Leadership

Collaboration is a key ingredient in the work that I do. Throughout my conservation and community work, I work to build consensus driven teams that leverage the skills and experience of their members. I have over seven years experience in leading regional and national collaborations. I offer skills in coordination, program management, communications, and partnership building. Please see the Conservation or the Community page for more details on specific projects or groups.

 Network Coordinator: I helped build the Salamander Population and Adaptation Research Collaboration Network (SPARCnet) from its 3 members in 2013 to over 60 partners across sectors in 2020. I created training materials, developed network infrastructure, and facilitated communications as Network Coordinator for seven years. For more, see

Co-Chair: For PARC, I co-chair the Task Team for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. I coach and collaborate with the Executive Committee and Joint National Steering Committee to integrate equity and inclusion throughout PARC’s initiatives. I also manage 7 project groups and their budgets  and products with my co-chair, Neha Savant. For more, visit the task team website

Other Collaborative Leadership Roles:

  • Vice-President, Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in the Sciences (SACNAS), Penn State Chapter
  • President of the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management Graduate Student Organization at Penn State University